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© 2013 Plast Engineering Knauff    Kantstrasse 10A    D - 65232 Taunusstein / Germany    Fon: +49 6128 21131    Fax: +49 6128 23180

RM 63 TE

Ref. 1064 - REIFENHAUSER  Regranulation line

One used Reifenhaeuser Extruder regranulation / pelettizing plant for PE. Year : 1998, partial reconditioned ! Extruder : 100 mm diameter x 30 D, screw ratio Pelletizer : hot-die-face-cutter automatic with drying screen etc. Extruder hopper:  incl. stuffing unit for PE film flake manufacturing ! Plant complete. Capacity approx. 200 kg/hour

Ref. 1076 - OMP + CDM  Regranulation line

OMP PREALPINA - CDM RECYCLING LINE 180 mm. 40 L/D , double degassing unit. Year : 2006 Scraps mixing silo (3000 kg) with extracting auger to feed extruder hopper. Extruder drive power: 415 Kw motor with ABB inverter, Switchboards for thermoregulation and line  commands, Hydraulic screen changer; Die face pelletiser; drying centrifuge; etc. Capacity approx. 800 - 1000 kg/hour  

Ref. 858 - Complete PET Regranulation line

Quotation of one complete, brand new extruder regranulation plant for PET flake pelletizing. Including crystallizer – drying system; Mixstation; Crystalliser; Moisture exhaust van; spiral screw conveyor; Drying silo for main-extruder; dry air generator... Extruder : for PET, 120mm x 33 D with 2 position venting system special for PET material Screen changer (hydraulic), Hot die face cutting, etc. Capacity approx. 900 - 1000 kg/hour according to PET flake specification, PET flake quality.  

Ref. 472 - Regranulation line for PE material

Forced feeder, inverter controlled, receives the ground material from a dosing auger and presses it down into the extruder feeding zone. Extruder : 180mm diameter; L/D 35 with venting Vacuum pump group for degassing the plastic mass if the material is printed or wet. Electrical control cabinet at 14 thermoregulator zones. Pressure gauge, mounted before screen changer (hydr.); die face cutting unit; vertical centrifugal; vibration screen; blower; etc....

Ref. 1245 - AMUT  Regranulation line

AMUT 180 extrusion line Type     : MURPO/C  EA180 Year    : 2008 Extruder: 180 mm extruder 35 L/D, with degassing!    : d.c.engine 352 kw.(480 Hp) suitable for granulates and reground materials (no forced feeding unit), 8 heating areas, ceramic heaters, degassing unit 5,5 Hp, 4 kW. Control cabinet for 15 heating areas : 7 for die + 8 for barrel. Hydraulic screen changer for 400 mm. screens. Die face pelletizer, centrifugal  dryer. Managed by Siemens PLC. Capacity approx.:  1000/1200 kg/h depending on material.

Ref. 1211 - OM Prealpina  Regranulation line

OM PREALPINA Extruder regranulation plant with Crusher Type      : OM PREALPINA Year    : 1992 Extruder: 130 mm diameter x 35 D, incl. venting with vacuum pump Plant including : Crusher for PE/PP film & HDPE bottle type MECCANOPLASTICA 1000 mm working width incl. conveyor belt. Extruder with: Masterbatch dosing unit, automatic screen changer, die-face cutting unit. Vibrating table for pellets, Cyclone, big-bag pellets feeding and more accessories. Capacity approx. 550-650 kg/hr. depending on material type and material condition !

Ref. 1215 - EREMA RM 80 T  Regranulation line

EREMA extruder pelletizing plant with Compactor. Plant in excellent condition! Type               : EREMA RM 80 T Year             : 2002, overhauled in 2012 (mechanical and electrical) Extruder          : 80 mm diameter;                           pressure control; motorised cut straight to the head Motor drive      : Extruder 60kW; Compactor 40kW Heating power : 12kW Compactor       : 700mm; height 700mm Capacity approx. 300 kg/hr. depending on material type and material condition !

Ref. 817 - NGR Extrusion Regranulation line

Used, in perfect condition extruder pelletizing line for PE/PP/PA etc material. Manufacturer : NGR Year : 2006 Extruder : NGR; 125 mm dia. X 32 D   incl. 2 venting positions with vacuum pumps.    Kreyenborg screen changer. Main motor : 400 kW drive power, thyristor controlled,   total installation power approx. 450 kW Plant complete incl. : die face cutter system for PE/PP, pellet cooling and drying  equipment, strand die for PA with water bath and pelletizer.  YORK Cooling unit incl. 10 m³ Tank, belt for PE/PP film material  transportation to shredder system approx. 90 kW incl. metal  dedector, installed on top of extruder. Capacity approx. 700 to 800 kg/hour depend on material.

Ref. 1284 - REIFENHÄUSER  PET Regranulation


Used, overhauled extruder regranulation line for PET incl. additional equipment for PET flake drying and cristallizing. Type                : REIFENHÄUSER Year   : 1998, overhauled in 2014 Extruder        : 100 mm diameter x 30 D screw ratio;                            venting unit including vacuum pump. Motor drive     : Extruder 132kW Heating power: 30kW with electronic heating reguation Screen changer: manual Hot-die face cutter system Gala for PET pelletizing incl. water cooling and pellet drying screen. Extruder hopper including stuffing equipment for PET flake. Capacity approx.: 250 – 300 kg/hr. depent of material type. 2 pcs. insulation Silos for PET flake storage with hot-air drying equipment. Material feeder system for PET flake from (heating) storage silos to extruder hopper with stuffing unit.

Ref. 1285 - TECNOVA  PE/PP Regranulation line

Used, extruder regranulation/pelletizing line for PE/PP Type                : TECNOVA Year   : 2007 Extruder        : 90 mm diameter x 30 D screw ratio; Motor drive      : Extruder 50 kW Screen changer: manual Manual screen changer; die face cutter-pelletizer; Centrifuge-pellet dryer; blower feeder to big bags. Crusher 400 mm working width - silo for flake - forced feeding section! Capacity approx.: 150 kg/h in PE

Ref. 1286 - TECNOVA  PE/PP Regranulation line

Used, extruder regranulation/pelletizing line for PE/PP Type                : TECNOVA Year   : 1997 Extruder        : 60 mm diameter x 33 D screw ratio;     degassing with vacuum pump     hydraulic screen changer   Hydraulic screen changer; mixing silo; die face cutter / water ring pelletizer; pellet-centrifuge dryer; pellet blower equipment; control cabinet. Crusher 400 mm working width (sound proof)! Capacity approx.: 100 - 130 kg/h dependent on material.

Ref. 1296 - OMP  PE/PP Regranulation line

Used, extruder regranulation/pelletizing line for PE/PP; with hopper incl. stuffing unit for plastics material - flake - agglomerate etc.; Extruder with 2 x degassing units. Type                : OMP Year   : 1998 Extruder        : 180 mm diameter x 40 D screw ratio;     2 x degassing positions with vacuum pumps     hydraulic screen changer (300mm diameter) Drive Power   : Extruder 340 kW   Die face cutter (5.5 kW) incl. water pumps each 2.2 kW drive power. Plant complete, incl. electrical installation and control cabinets. Capacity approx.: 1000 - 1200 kg/h dependent on material.