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© 2013 Plast Engineering Knauff    Kantstrasse 10A    D - 65232 Taunusstein / Germany    Fon: +49 6128 21131    Fax: +49 6128 23180

Ref. 1228 - PE/PP-film and -bottle Recycling Line

One complete, brand new recycling plant for PE /PP- film and -bottle recycling,  consisting of : Belt conveyor; Crusher; Belt conveyor; Pre-washing unit; Floating tank; Screw conveyor from floating tank to pre-dewatering unit; Pre-Dewatering; Belt conveyor;  Screw conveyor; De-Watering; Fan conveyor. Capacity approx. 400 - 450 kg/hour dependent of input material and contamination  

Ref. 1000 - INTRUSION Extruder Plant (2pcs.)

2 pcs. used identical lines manufacturing pan tiles, roofíng tiles or other plastic articles from mixing plastics scrap material. Flow-extruder / Intrusion-extruder plants. Year : 2011 Extruder : 150mm x 37D; main motor drive power DC 316 kW Moulds : each line is equipped with 8 ROTATING mould stations for different  plastics articles from mixing plastics material. Mould size : max.1200 mm length x 980 mm width x 430 mm opening stroke. INTRUSION (injection) volume 15’000 cm³! PLASTIFICATION capacity approx. 700 - 900kg/hour depending on mateiral type. One plant for manufacturing of roofing tiles including 26 pcs. different roofing tile moulds.  

Ref. 1298 - INTRUSION flow moulding Extruder


One used, complete extruder INTRUSION FLOW MOULDING SYSTEM for the   manufacture of very heavy articles like beams - bench & table sets - palisaged - stakes - landscape ties - etc. from mixed plastics scrap materials. Material : different PE/PP; mixed plastics materials „flake & agglomerate”, etc.. Extruder : BERSTORFF 150mm diameter,  capacity approx. up to 800 kg/h depending of material type  incl. waste material feeder equipment Main motor : drive power 220 kW Electric hoist equipment for mould handling. Plant including 28 moulds for different articles. Revolving stations : 2 pcs. complete stations each system with 14 intrusion moulds.   incl. water cooling basin and control units. Mould ejector units : 2 pcs. - Belt conveyor for finished product transport

Ref. 1295 - INTRUSION flow moulding Extruder

Plant (semi-automatic)

One used, complete semi automatic INTRUSION - Extruder system including moulds suitable for different articles from mixed plastics scrap materials. Extruder : Reifenhäuser type S 120 IA IR / 66   incl. control cabinet and moulds for flow extrusion / intrusion of   flake and agglomerate from PE/PP mixed waste plastics. Plant including 24 moulds for manuale manufacture of different articles from PE/PP waste plastic by “intrusion - flow moulding process”. Mould list: Mould no. 1.) seat bench board 18 cm wide base x 8 cm thickness x 190 cm length Mould no. 2.) seat bench board 25 cm wide base x 8 cm thickness x 190 cm length Mould no. 3.) seat bench lower frame incl. back-rest Mould no. 4.) seat bench lower frame without back-rest Mould no. 5.) garden beam / scantling 200 cm length x 20 cm wide base x 11 cm thickness Mould no. 6.) desk base frame in two different design. Mould no. 7.) decoration bollard, size 11.5 cm x 11.5 cm quadratic x 150 cm length 2 pcs. moulds for different pale with decoration head 3 pcs. moulds for railway or bench or desk construction beam / scantling 2 pcs. moulds for seat bench lower frames 10 pcs. moulds for different round profile in different diameter from 200 - 300 cm.