Extruder / Extrusion

Blown film lines      Sheet lines     Mono- und Co-Extruder     Extruder-NET-Plants suited to your application brand new or second hand

Extrusion Plants:

EXTRUDERS   FLAT / SHEET FILM extrusion lines - mono & Co-Extrusion (mulitlayer)   BLOWN FILM lines - mono & Co-extrusion   PROFILE extrusion plants   PIPE extrusion lines (max. 2000 mm diam.) Hopper loader & Feeding systems 3-Roller Polishing Stack CHILL Roll WINDING systems RECYCLING lines

Extruder - NET - Plants

Brand new Extruder - Net - Plants, manufacturing  stretched- and flat nets from thermoplastic  materials. Materials: PE / PP / PU / Nylon / Composite  materials etc. For versatile applications, like: • reinforcement • barriers • protective-packaging • collection net e.g. harvesting of olives • crop protection, fruit net, vegetable packaging,etc. The shape of net, mesh size and thickness of the  fibre can be adjusted. And will be arranged  according to customer's application. Also the dies  can be designed and manufactured according to  customer's wishes to produce various nettings. An output capacity of min. 3 kg / hour up to approx.  200 kg / hour can be reached, depending on the  application and material.

NET - Plants for:

Stretched - Net
Diamant - Flat - Net
Flat - Net
Pipe - Net

Mono- and Co-Extruder -

Sheeting - Plants

Brand new Mono- / Co-Extruder-Plants  for the manufacture of sheeting from: PE / PP / PS / ABS / PET-G and  Reground with 1600 mm working width. Co-Extruder-Plants up to 5 layer.
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