MOBILE Water Purification & Packaging Systems Packs up to 90,000 liter clean drinking water cost-effective in PET bottles per day on-site ! Direct at the source - lake - river - sea ... anywhere...

MOBILE Water Botting


20 ft Container

Capacity: up to approx. 700 bph Bottle volumes: 0.2 - 5 L Filling medium: non-caronated beverages others on request

MOBILE Water Bottling


40 ft Container

Fully autmatic Capacity: up to approx.  3000 bph Bottle volumes: 0.2 - 1.5 L others on request

Filling medium:

non-caronated beverages others on request


Emergency supply of drinking water, employment in desaster areas, or in underdeveloped countries, or at times of production peaks, etc.

Water Purification Systems

A containerized Water Purification System (Reverse Osmosis or others) is available on request, adapted to the available water quality.

Water bottling / packaging cost effective on-site

Bottling / packing of clean drinking water in PET bottles (blowing of PET bottles with pressured air of 15 bar only!) direct at the source / lake / river or sea .... possible with our clean, intelligent and modulare Mobile-Water-Bottling & Packaging-Plants for bottling of still and carbonated beverages.


1. Commercial PET preforms 2. Commercial closures / caps 3. Labels Consumables can be purchased on local markets, or can be delivered from Germany.

MOBILE PET bottle packaging


20 ft Container


Capacity: up to approx. 3000 bph Bottle volumes: 0.2 - 1.5 L others on request

Packing machinery:

Shrink wrapping machines Case packer
Production steps:    Move the mouse pointer over the preview images with numbers in order to enlarge them on the left side.
1. PET bottle blowing with15 bar !
1.Blowing 2. Filling 3. Capping 4. Labelling

MOBILE Water Bottling Plants

PET bottle production and filling systems installed in 20ft or 40ft Containers

Equipped with:

Screw air compressor Air conditioning Stretch-blow-moulder >ECON-PET< designed for Container installation UV-treatment of PET bottles, water and caps Filing machine Capper Labelling Ink-Jet-Date coding of filling date A complete closed box concept as it is installed in an insulatet container for clean production and packing of drinking water.


Up to 3,000 bottles per hour For the production and packing of up to 90,000 Liter clean drinking per day Bottle volumes 0.2 - 1.5 Liter, others on request Blowing pressure for bottle production max. 15 bar Very energie saving system Average consumption complete approx. 55 kW/h Power supply:  a) The system can be connected to the local mains, or  b) a generator will supply the system with power.


Environmentally friendly and energy evicient production of your own PET bottles by our mobile, containerized systems.  By means of our very cost effectiv operating PET stretch-blow-moulders >ECON-PET<. The >ECON-PET< model operates with a blowing pressure of 15 BAR only (other machines are working with 30 - 40 bar) thus this system is predestined for the economical shaping of your preforms. Compact and space saving design Easy to operate A diesel generator can provide the energy required for this complete portable PET Water Bottling Factory, or it can be connected to the local mains. Thus this container system can be used as an independent stand-alone bottle production, providing hygienic drinking water to the population within its operating area.

Well thought out:

The blowing pressure of 15 bar will be supplied by a silent and very efficiently working Screwcompressor. The screw compressor system is installed in a separate, insulated compartment at one end of the container. And a filter system ensures the supply of clean air, approved for applications in the food packaging industry. Because of the modular construction of the Container-Systems the Mobile Water Bottling Plant can be connected with further containers with PET bottle packaging machines.

MOBILE Water Bottling Plants:

1.Blowing 2. Filling 3. Capping 4. Labelling

40ft MOBILE Water Bottling

Video clip

Capacity up to 2800 bph

20ft MOBILE Water Bottling Video clip
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Capacity up to 700 bph

Water is life...

Water bottling room

Compressor room

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