PET waste bottle recycling plant - fully automatic -

1. Starting with De-baling 2. Lable remover 3. Bottle sorting 4. Wet grinding 5. Frictioncleaner 6. Air separator 7. Hotwashing 8. Separation: PET and PP/PE flakes are separated 9. Drying 10. Filling of clean and dry flakes in big-bags Capacity: We can offer plants from: approx. 500 up to 6,000 kg/h PET bottle waste input material Other capacities on request.

PET - bottle - recycling - plants

From PET-bottle-waste to clean PET-Flakes

A highly efficient separation system

- fully automatic -

A highly efficient separation system enables the extraction of two recyclable materials of heigh quality. 1. PET flake 2. PP/PE flake from bottle closures The PET flake and PP/PE flakes (light fraction) are free from labels or glue and will be filled separatly into big bags, ready for sale and/or further applications.

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PET waste bottle recycling

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